Monday, March 27, 2017

What Is It Like Being An Auburn University Animal Science Student?

Hey there everyone! Long time, no blog post! 

I wanted to take the time to write this post for possible future Auburn students that plan on having a major in the Animal Science department, especially because this week is Ag Week in Auburn! I'm sure in the future I will write one more broadly on what it's like being an Auburn University student in general, but I wanted to write this one specifically because in all honesty there isn't a lot of information like this out there.

(Pictured above is me sitting in front of Comer Hall, the College of Agriculture's main building.)

So here it goes... your own inside look at what it is like being an Animal Science student at 
Auburn University, from your's truly!

First and foremost, Animal Science majors fall under the College of Agriculture here at Auburn and that means that we are apart of a really special group of students that are really fulfilling what Auburn University was meant to do! In case you don't already know this, Auburn University was established after the creation of the Morrill Land-Grant Acts which was a public land grant system to help aid in the starting of universities in every state dedicated to agricultural and engineering studies. So with that being said, being an Agriculture student is something to be pretty proud of here! 

(This photo was taken in front of Samford Hall, Auburn's most iconic building. On the front of Samford are the words agriculture and mechanics, honoring the two majors that Auburn University was created for.)

Anyways, the downside of that is that with being one of the oldest departments here at Auburn, we also have some of the oldest buildings. However, with age comes wisdom, am I right?

(The building above is Upchurch Hall and this is the building dedicated to the Animal Science department of the College of Agriculture. I mean, how could you not love a building that has a cow in a wreath on the front of it!?)

To earn wisdom here at Auburn University also means a lot of hard work, which as a pre-vet student I completely expected! So if you do not already know this and are either pursing a major in just Animal Science in general or specifically the pre-vet side of it, your college career will consist of a ton of science courses. Did you hear that? Because when I say a ton, I don't just means like a quarter of your course load, I mean like almost three quarters of your course load. For example, the course load that I'm looking at over the next four years is around 125 hours, and of those 80 of them are science related courses. 

So to prepare for entering such a science based field, I have some tips!

1. Learn how to study. 
I know as a high school senior I probably heard this a thousand times, and each time I heard it I remember thinking, "Well, my study methods so far have gotten me through high school making good grades, I don't think I have a lot to worry about..." Let me tell you, I was wrong. Think of your hardest high school course you've ever taken, now multiply that by five, and that's what a semester of college feels like as an Animal Science major.

2.Learn how to manage your time. 
Time management is an incredibly important skill in college in general, but especially for a pre-vet Animal Science major. Like I mentioned before, college is a whole new ball game, but it's important to learn how to make time for things other than studying or else you will lose your mind.

3.Learn what makes you happy.
Going off of the last topic, making time for yourself is incredibly important. Find things that fill your cup, so to speak. For example, that for me is making time to feel close to God, spending time with friends, and getting out and doing something active either outside or at the Rec. Find what these things are for you before you get to college and it'll make life so much easier!!

Also this last tip doesn't have to deal with the science part, but more of the animal part...

4. Always keep a pair of boots in the trunk of your car.
As an Animal Science major, an involved one at least, you will be spending a lot of time around animals either in labs, attending rounds, or maybe even volunteering. Keeping a pair of work boots or rain boots in the back of my car has really become a lifesaver because sometimes you don't always remember to wear the proper shoes you should. Also when I say rain boots, I do not mean an expensive $100 pair. I mean just plain old, maybe you got them at Walmart, maybe they were only $20 pair that you don't mind getting ruined.

After all of that is said and done, be prepared to meet some pretty amazing people! Being an Animal Science major means that you get to meet all sorts of people. I know for me, growing up in a pretty small town I was fairly used to meeting "country" people, but meeting students in the same major as me has opened up a door to meeting people my age that grew up on real life farms and have been able to have some pretty amazing hands on opportunities. I've also met Animal Science majors that are coincidently either vegetarians or vegans, so there is plenty of diversity in our field to go around!

I hope this post has been helpful, and if you have any questions feel free to comment them below or send me a message on my Instagram (@themessytypewriter)! Thanks for reading and I will talk to you all soon. 

The Messy Typewriter

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