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Freshmen Frenzy: My Freshmen Experience

Hello everyone! 

This is part two of my Freshmen Frenzy series and it's all about my personal experience my freshmen year in college. To say my freshmen year was hard is an understatement. I struggled with loneliness, failure, and comparison, but I also experienced freedom, hard-work, and faith. I learned more in my two semesters at Auburn University than I probably have my entire life.

To say that my freshmen year has changed me as a person is also an understatement. If you put the girl that I was at the end of my senior year of high school and placed her next to me now, they would be completely different people. I mean sure, there are still parts of me that won't change, like my love for cows or my need to have time to reflect through writing. However, my immature need to constantly have reassurance or selling myself short just to feel a sense of belonging are long gone. I have learned so much about myself and others that I honestly can't believe how naive I used to be, and I am so thankful for how much I have grown.

The photo on the right was taken on the day of my high school graduation and the photo on the left was taken a month or so before the end of my freshmen year in college!

This is one of my senior pictures and was taken a few weeks before I graduated.

This picture was taken during a trip to the mountains my first semester of freshmen year!

My college experience is a little unique because three weeks before I moved into my college dorm my family also packed up what was supposed to be our forever home in the country, and moved to the suburbs of the city. The move was fantastic for my family, but made me feel like I was completely without a real "home" to come back to. I found that my first semester (due to both the lack of family and an uncomfortable roommate situation) I called my parents more than I would have ever anticipated. I probably called my Mom or Dad crying at least once a week over my loss of people that I thought were friends, my lack of making as many new friends as I thought I would, or my grades. 

This picture was taken on move-in day in my freshmen dorm.

What I didn't realize then is that all of those things were happening for a reason. I lost those friends from high school because I outgrew them. It wasn't a sudden thing for me, but one that started in high school and was much needed. I was growing as a person in a different direction than they were, and that's totally okay! Everyone's experience in college is different, it just so happened that ours were completely opposite. My lack of making as many new friends as I thought I would was because I was building genuine relationships with people. I wasn't meeting a girl and two weeks later proclaiming us best friends after we hung out a few times. I was interacting in organizations and classes and actually thinking through who I wanted to be friends with and who was worth investing in. I did it the smart way, and thankfully I can look back now and say that the people I consider my new college friends now are well rounded, unique, and kind people! My disappointment in my grades my first semester made me really think about the path I was heading down in college. Did I really want to invest this much in a career in veterinary medicine? Was I really wanting to sacrifice so much? The answer I found was yes. A million times quadrupled yes. This is what I am being called to do, this is my dream, and I'm going to work harder for it than I have for anything else before. 

This is a picture of my family dog, Nick, who is the core of why I want to become a veterinarian. 

This is a picture of me playing doctor with my little sister when she was a new born!

This is a picture of me playing doctor with my cousin much more recently!

This photo of me is with a pit bull that my family and I found, nursed back to health, and found a wonderful new home for. We named him Rufus, but he is now known as Buddy Red and is the sweeeeetest boy ever!

My second semester went much more smoothly after I had these realizations from the first semester. I made better grades, I developed even more friendships, and I forgave and learned to fondly look back on the friendships that ended. I have learned to regret nothing and appreciate everything. However, I discovered I still have a few things to work on. I need to develop better study skills, how to manage my time wisely, and how to prioritize things in my life that I need. For example, my second semester I sometimes went to church three times a week. THREE TIMES. I loved every second of going and I think that if you can do this it's a fantastic way to grow in your faith, but it caused me to neglect my studies a lot. I also spent a ton of time being "brain dead". A lot of the times after my day of classes I would be so tired that I would just sit on my couch and watch TV or get on my laptop at home, but that should have been time that was spent in the library studying and reviewing what I learned that day. I'm excited to work on these things both this summer and in the fall, and hopefully refine those areas of my life and grow in them!

This picture was taken my first semester of my freshmen year with my Her Campus Auburn friends!

If I could sum up my freshmen year into three words I would say uncomfortable, exciting, and liberating. It wasn't exactly everything I anticipated my freshmen year in college to be like, but at the same time is was also more. I never imagined this much personal development. I never imagined the feeling of being surrounded in a classroom of two hundred plus strangers. I never imagined becoming a student in the College of Agriculture. I never imagined loving Auburn University so much. 

This picture of me was taken on my tour of Auburn University my senior year of high school. I am so thankful that I made the decision to come here for school! 

So although it didn't always feel this way (thanks finals week), my freshmen year of college was a complete success. My experience was unique and entirely it's own, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. Until next time...

The Messy Typewriter

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