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Freshmen Frenzy: The Summer Before

Are you an upcoming college freshman? My newest series is for you! 

This post will be part one of my four part series just for you before you embrace the frenzy that is freshmen year in college! For my first part of this series I wanted to make sure that I listed out all the things that all freshmen need to do the summer before they start college. The following is the list I compiled of must do tasks, advice, and few fun things along the way! Enjoy!

1. Schedule your freshmen orientation date.

If you haven't done this already, this needs to be the first thing you do after graduation. I know for Auburn University (the college I attend) our freshmen orientation is called Camp War Eagle. Camp War Eagle is a two day seminar where you learn anything and everything about Auburn and it's history, schedule classes for the fall, and all the while you get to know and socialize with other "campers". For all new Auburn students, even transfer students go to a modified version, it is mandatory to attend. So if you won't be attending Auburn and you don't know what your school does for freshmen orientation, I suggest you find out and schedule the date for your session as soon as possible!

This is a picture of me at the end of my own Camp War Eagle last summer! 

2. Get to know your roommate(s).

I'm sure you already know if you will be living on campus in a dorm, in a house with a few friends, or in an apartment or condo, but do you know the people or person you will be living with? Make sure you get to know your roommate before moving in with them if possible! Schedule a lunch date, go shopping, or maybe just go see a movie! Find out more about them other than their hometown, favorite food, and major. Ask them about their family, what they were involved in during high school, or what they plan on getting involved in at college! This would also be a good time to determine who will be bringing what to the dorm you'll share. This is important because you won't have space for two TVs, printers, rugs, curtains, Keurigs, or mini fridges. You may also figure out what type of style your roommate has and if you guys plan on coordinating your sides of the room any!

This is what my dorm that I lived in looked like the first semester of my freshmen year!

3. Have a summer job or job shadow.

This is not me saying that you should work a nine to five everyday of your last summer before college. DO NOT DO THAT. This is me saying baby-sit for your neighbors down the street, house sit or take care of friend's animals while they're on vacation, or job shadow someone with the profession that you want someday. Earning money before school starts and gaining work experience before college is a great opportunity! I spent some of my summer before freshmen year job shadowing at a local vet clinic in my town and I loved every minute of it! Job shadowing and earning hours to log for vet school applications confirmed for me that being a veterinarian is absolutely what I feel called to do with my life.

4. Buy things for your dorm and for school that you actually need.

The best part about the summer before college is all of the shopping you get to do! Make sure that you make a list customized to what you specifically will need. Unfortunately, college doesn't come with a school supplies list, but I will be posting a college school supplies haul soon so keep that in mind! Also as far as your dorm shopping goes, don't over do it, especially if you are living in a dorm! A few of my must haves in my dorm were a fan, a rolling cart for storage space, mattress padding, and a step stool. 

5. Go on a road trip somewhere fun with your friends. 

This summer might be your last chance for a while to spend quality time with your close friends from high school so make sure you enjoy it! Plan a lake or beach trip, make a trip to the aquarium or zoo, go hiking somewhere cool, or maybe just enjoy each others company with sleepovers at everyone's houses. Just make sure you don't waste this summer away being lazy and watching Netflix the whole time. 

6. Organize important information. 

This is probably one of the most forgotten things, but make sure you have all of your important documents with you or where they need to be. First and foremost, make sure to send a final high school transcript to your college if it's required. Also, I know that before we can even sign up for classes at Auburn we have to have a medical form turned in, so I would have that turned in as soon as possible. A few other things to keep in mind are your social security number, copies of high school transcripts, your resume, and even old scholarship essays are nice to have with you. My last tip for this one is to also check and make sure that all of the scholarship money you received was sent to your school and used accordingly. 

7.Spend time with your family.

This kind of goes with one of my last points, but make sure that you are taking the time to be with your family this summer! I know that for me, as being the oldest child to be the first to leave the nest, my whole family dynamic would change once I left for college. I made sure to even embrace being annoyed by my little sister or nagged at by my mom and dad because I knew I wouldn't have that soon anymore! Just be sure that you don't ignore your family this summer to spend too much time with your friends or wasting away in your bedroom. 

8. Clean up your social media. 

I feel like this one is especially important if you plan on rushing or trying to join any freshmen leadership programs, but it's also just nice to have a nice clean start when going to college and meeting new people! This tip is for those of you that might still have embarrassing pictures up from middle school or anyone with scandalous pictures that you may not put your best foot forward. It would be awful to lose an opportunity just because someone found something not-so-nice about you on your public Instagram.

9. Figure out a budget.
This one really depends on your situation specifically, but you should definitely discuss with your parents what type of budget you'll have in college. This is important because textbooks are expensive and eventually you are going to want to eat out with friends or go see a movie. Maybe your parents will send you a monthly allowance, maybe they'll give you a certain amount of cash every time you come home, or maybe you plan on having a job and paying for every thing yourself. Every family is unique in how they do this, you just need to make sure that it's worked out and decided before you head off to school.

10. Get to know your school better.

Although I am completely sure you know everything your school has to offer by now, do you know everything about the town you'll be living in or the surrounding area? Research things to do in your town like fun coffee shops, hiking trails, or even weekend road-trip destinations! These will be fun things to look forward to doing with friends or even alone when you need a little escape from campus life. I know that a few of my favorites in or near Auburn are The Bean, Chewacla State Park, The Rainbow LED Tunnel in Birmingham, and the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta!

I hope that this blog post was helpful for all you soon to be freshmen! This is such an exciting and scary time in your life and I hope that you enjoy every second of it! Just be sure not to get behind this summer or waste it. Stay tuned for part two of my Freshmen Frenzy series, and I'll talk to you soon!

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