Sunday, June 25, 2017

Freshmen Frenzy: My Advice To College Freshmen

First and foremost, WELCOME TO COLLEGE!!!! This new world your about to enter is full of personal growth, freedom, and wonderful, wonderful change! Be excited! 

This blogpost is pretty much every piece of advice everyone has ever told you about college so far, plus my personal insider perspective as a college sophomore that was literally just in your shoes. 

Let's get this thing started!

1. Your first month (maybe even two months) of college are going to be hard, don't lose faith.
That first week after moving in (syllabus weeks) is going to be so much fun and is going to fly by. Your parents just dropped you off, its your first taste of freedom, and you can do whatever you please! But, after assignments really start to pile up and everyone starts finding their way for the semester, it can be really challenging and lonely! Just stay hopeful and realize that this short season will pass and that you will find those friends, make those grades, and have a blast all while doing it. 

2. Be yourself and keep to your personal standards. 
Yes this is the most stereotypical college advice given, but it's also one that is often tossed out the window once your feet hit campus pavement. Keep in mind that your freshmen year is a fresh start! You can be yourself to the complete fullest, unlike you probably felt you could be in high school. With that being said, it's super easy to take that as "be whoever you think fits in best here", but that is not the point! College will test every moral you have and every standard you've set. Stay firm in your beliefs, girl! 

3. Do not eat like a five year old child that went grocery shopping for herself. 
It is totally fine to get ice cream every once in a while, or chow down on a cheeseburger and fries, but please, please, please don't make that your new diet. The freshmen 15 is real, and you will gain it. I know all colleges are different, but at Auburn we have a meal plan for restaurants on campus. With that being said, it's hard not to eat nuggets from Chick-fil-a and orange chicken from Panda Express everyday. Opt for the salad option, fresh sushi, or other healthy things most of the time, and treat yourself some of the time!

4. If you choose to stay out late, party, or go to the bars downtown with friends, please be safe.
Depending on set standards and morals from before, this might not even apply to you, but I feel like it still needs to be said. If you plan on being extremely social in the typical college fashion, make sure you are with people you trust and are always aware of your surroundings! Do not accept drinks or car rides home from strangers. Don't ever become separated from the group of people you arrived with or go off with someone you don't know. Also, for goodness sakes, please don't drink to the point that you have to burden someone else with the responsibility of taking care of you. Not cool.  

5. Guard your heart.
Once again, I don't know what your standards or morals are, but this is for every girl going to college on all emotional and physical levels. Your heart and physical body are worth protecting. You are more precious than rubies and you shouldn't let a silly guy treat you otherwise. Do not fall for mushy-gushy lines and things that he's probably said to a million other girls, because I promise it won't end well!

6. Get in the GroupMe for the classes you are in.

This piece of advice is kinda silly compared to the others, but this will save your academic life! If you find out your class has a class GroupMe, join it. Your classmates are often way more helpful than you'd expect. You'll be able to ask questions to a large amount of people taking the same class as you, share and use study guides or past exams, and sometimes it's just nice to complain to others that are in the same boat as you!

7. Don't go home every weekend.

Like I've said before, my first semester as a freshmen was a nightmare situation. (If you want to read more about that, read my blog post about my freshmen year experience.) Even with the crazy place I was in, I went home often, but not every weekend. I knew one friend that actually did travel back and forth almost all of her weekends (minus the few football games she went to), and she had a really hard time making new friends on campus. Allow yourself to make roots on your campus, and give yourself time to build those new relationships with others! 

8. Use every single thing that your campus offers to students. 

You're technically paying for it anyways, so go ahead and make the most of it! Included in your student fees are probably school sponsored events, tutoring, bus rides, and plenty of free t-shirts or other fun things! Take advantage of it and enjoy, because college is too expensive not to. 

9. Get involved.

Yes, I know, another cliche piece of advice... But, trust me it's true!!! Getting involved with literally anything on campus is going to change your life. By joining an organization, getting plugged in at a church, or whatever you do, you'll find that it is going to break up the monotony of day to day student life! It's also going to allow you to meet people that have similar interests to you and you're going to make friends so much more easily! 

10. Don't waste your time. 
This applies to every aspect of your new life as a college student. Don't waste your time on that stupid guy, mean friends, scrolling through Instagram, sleeping through a class, etc. You'll find that days as a college student fly by, and you're going to want at least five more hours added to most days! With that being said, spend your time wisely. 

I'm so excited for you! I hope these pieces of advice didn't scare you, because they weren't meant to. College can be scary and hard, but it can also much so much fun and rewarding! Just keep this list in mind and you will be a-okay, collegiate! I believe in you. 

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  1. Auburn University!! WAR EAGLE!! This is really good! Thanks for sharing!

    1. War Eagle!!! Thank you so much Jenna! Auburn is so lucky to have you!