Friday, July 7, 2017

DIY Shelves and How to Style Them

If you follow me on Instagram, then you've for sure seen my multiple posts of my new pretty shelving in my kitchen. They've quickly become my favorite part of my house, so I figured why not share the fun!

What you'll need:
  • 1x10 planks of wood of your choosing (2)
  • 1x8 planks of wood of your choosing (4)
  • 8x10 size brackets (12)
  • 6x8 size brackets (4)
  • Electric screwdriver 
  • Screws
  • Matte spray paint of your liking
  • Tape measurer 
  • Wall scanner
  • Pencil
If you want to know the exacts of everything I used, the wood I choose to use is called common board and I bought mine at Home Depot. I also bought my spray paint from Home Depot by the brand Rust-Oleum in the matte color Robin's Egg.

Before you get started you're going to want to choose the walls you want your shelves on and make sure that the wall has studs in it. You're also going to want to take measurements on the wall of the length of shelves you'll want, also consider what size wood will go where. For example, I used the 1x10 size wood over my counter because I didn't want it to stick out too much!


When I bought my wood at Home Depot, they also have the option of cutting it for you! I made sure that I had the exact measurements I wanted my shelves to be and just had them cut it there in store to make it easier. As far as spray painting the brackets, I just took them outside and placed them on a piece of cardboard and did light coats of the paint until they were the color I wanted. Allow them to dry for 10-15 minutes, and you're good to go!

From there it's plenty self explanatory. You are going to want to use the studs you found on your walls as a brace for your brackets to ensure that they can hold the weight of everything you put on them. My best advice for drilling everything in place is to just triple check everything to avoid making any mistakes and to keep everything level!


To style the shelves, I used mostly things that I already owned with exception of a few new fun things! Below I'll list everything on my shelves, where I got them, and the price if I know what it was!

Shelf One:
  • Letter Board - Target - $15
  • Fake Plant- Hobby Lobby
  • Dinosaur Cookie Jar- Target - $20 
  • Mint Cynthia Rowley Bowls - TJ Maxx
  • Clear and Colored Glass Ware - Target Dollar Spot - $3 each
  • Dog Salt and Pepper Shakers- Target - $3 each
  • Small Glass "Cake" Stand with Small Candle - Bath and Body Works

Shelf Two:
  • Mint Cynthia Rowley Bowls - TJ  Maxx
  • Glass Milk Bottle- Target Dollar Spot - $3 
  • Mint Wire Basket- Target Dollar Spot - $3
  • Wooden "Farmers Market" Box- Target Dollar Spot - $3
  • Small Pink Candle- Target Dollar Spot - $3
  • Glass Cups - Walmart
  • Essential Oils - Doterra
  • Dish Towels - Home Goods
  • Cow Painting - Hobby Lobby - $30
  • Bee Hive Glass Jar - World Market - $13
  • Colorful Measuring Cups - World Market - $6

And that is that everyone! I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know if you've done any fun DIY projects lately! I would love to hear about them. 

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