Saturday, September 8, 2018

My Disney College Program Application Experience

Plenty of sunshine heading my, because I'm going to Walt Disney World!!

Remember those dreams I talked about in my last post? Well, they've come true! I am so excited to finally announce that Spring of 2019 I will be participating in the Walt Disney World College Program! 

I've dreamt about this moment since I was a freshman in high school, and the fact that it's finally happening means so much to me! In this blogpost I'm going to be explaining what the Disney College Program is, and my personal experience in applying for it.

The Disney College Program (DCP) is a paid internship at either Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida or Disneyland in Anaheim, California where for a semester students work as Disney cast members and gain invaluable professional experiences. They offer numerous classes and programs for college programmers, and an added bonus is that you have free access to all of the parks! The program application process is known to be fairly rigorous, and I have read somewhere that only around 30% of applicants are accepted! The application cycle consists of three rounds: an initial application, a web-based interview, and a phone interview with a Disney Recruiter!

 So this application cycle, the applications dropped on August 20th. Due to that being my first day of classes this semester, I wasn't actually able to hit submit on my application until the following day! The initial application is pretty much a generic resume. You are asked to fill out basic information like your personal information (name, birthday, address, etc), educational history (school, year, major), work experience, and your interests within the program itself (what roles you are interested in and what program you want to take part in). 
After you complete and submit that application, the waiting game begins! Or, like in my case, you move on to the next step of the process 30 minutes later! 

So the next part of the application process is the web-based interview (WBI). However, I decided not to complete the WBI until the next day when I knew I would  have plenty of time to spend on it, so that means that I completed mine on August 22nd! The WBI is basically a questionnaire that asks you questions about what type of employee you are and has you answer them through different scales. For example, one of the questions I received was, "Are you always on time?", and the options to choose from were something along the lines of strongly disagree, disagree, neither agree or disagree, agree, or strongly agree. The somewhat tricky part about the WBI is that it does ask you the same questions over again, just worded slightly different. Because of this, I made sure that I answered honestly and thoroughly thought through what the question was asking about me as an employee. Once I completed the WBI it immediately told me that I had passed it (yay!), and that I would be receiving an email to schedule a phone interview soon! 

The email to schedule my phone interview came an hour or so later, and came with times for every single business day within the two following weeks. Once again due to my crazy schedule, I had to wait to schedule my phone interview for a day that I knew I could set aside at least three hours to be able to prepare before, complete the interview, and then relax afterwards! With that being said, I schedule my phone interview for the Friday of the following week, August 31st.

The phone interview is actually the part of the application that I was looking forward to the most! I had spent so much time since I found out about the DCP watching videos and reading about other people's experiences, and I was so looking forward to my chance to do the same. My phone interview was scheduled for 6:00 pm, and you are told beforehand that they can call within a 15 minute window both before and after your scheduled time. My interview actually began at 6:01 pm, but I have heard of people getting called before! I'm going to save all the details of my interview for another blog post probably, but all in all the interview lasted 20 minutes and I felt like it went really well!

This is where the real waiting game began because for the DCP acceptance emails are not sent out all at once, they are actually sent out in "waves" or groups. The day I interviewed they actually did a small "test" wave of acceptances just to make sure that their systems were working and that there were no problems or glitches. The following Monday was Labor Day and it was rumored on all of the Facebook pages that the first official wave of acceptances would begin the next day, September 4th. Many people were accepted that Tuesday for both the Walt Disney World and Disneyland programs, and I believe it was all people with the last names that began with the letters R-Z. The next day they began to send out the remaining of the acceptances and after 10:00 am hit and I still had received no email, I was convinced that I was not going to be in this wave of acceptances because my interview had only been four days prior. 

However, with a little bit of faith, trust, pixie dust, and TONS of prayer, I received my acceptance email that day on September 5th around noon!!!! I was actually in line at Panera with my friend Chandler when I got the news and it took everything within me not to scream of excitement! All in all, my DCP application experience only lasted about 16 days. However, this was just the first wave of acceptances and many more are to come! I wish tons of pixie dust to those still in the application process!

My next steps are now finding roommates (!!!!!), staying focused in my current classes (hahaha!), and trying not to drive everyone around me crazy with talking about Disney so much! I look forward to taking you all on this journey with me! 

As my future boss says, see ya real soon!

The Messy Typewriter

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