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Disney College Program Week 1: Check-in, Casting, and Traditions?

With everything that has happened in the past week of my DCP, I am so excited to finally be sharing this blog post with you all! So much magic has happened in the course of this very busy, but very short week, and I can't believe I am finally here in Orlando!

My journey began on January 13th when my Mom and I made the 10 hour drive from Huntsville, AL, to Orlando, FL. Thankfully we didn't run into any traffic and had no issues, so the drive actually wasn't terrible! It also helped that my Mom and I took turns driving. I am so incredibly grateful that she came down with me because honestly that drive would have been miserable alone! 

The next day was THE day, check-in day!! My check-in was January 14th at 11:00 am at Patterson Court, and we got there five minutes early because one my sweet roommates, Laura, warned me that they wouldn't let us in any earlier than that. So my Mom parked in the parking lot and I walked into the Patterson Service Center! At check-in I received my DCP itinerary, had my housing ID made, and was told which apartment building and number I would be living in. From there we parked next to my apartment building and began moving my things in! (A new blog post is to come all about my DCP and where I got everything from! I've had so many questions on my Instagram!) 

Cozy little preview of my room!

Check-in day was honestly a very long day... From moving in and unpacking all of my things, to meeting all 5 of my roommates, and going out and buying groceries and other things I ended up needing... I was SO tired by the end of the day! That night I went back with my Mom to the hotel that we stayed in and spent the last night she would be in Orlando with her!

The next morning was pretty sad because I had to drop my Mom off at the airport and say goodbye, and crying while going through toll bridges is never fun! I am so incredibly grateful that my Mom came and helped me move in and more importantly has always supported me in anything I've wanted to do, DCP included! When I got home I changed and put makeup on and my amazing roommate Abby drove me to Casting! At Casting we pretty much just had our background checks done and were fingerprinted (so fun, right?). However, the best part about Casting is that the building is so incredibly magical! 

The cutest building!!

I mean, how could you not have fun when the doorknobs look like this?!

That night my roommates and I went to The Polynesian and enjoyed Dole Whips and fireworks from the beach along with about 100 other college programmers!

Dole Whips with Grace and Laura!

On January 16th I had my Housing Welcome Session at 9:00 am so I woke up and went to that! It was pretty much just an information session on things not do while living in Disney Housing.
Housing Welcome Session

I spent the rest of that day hanging out with my roommates in our apartment, we even went on a walk around the area where we live! That night we attended our first welcome event called Life is the Bubbles!

Abby and I with our matching face paint!

 It was so much fun. They had free food for us and rice krispy treats specially decorated just for the event (YUM!!). They also had a live DJ, photo booths, face painting, and a meet and greet with Sebastian from The Little Mermaid! We honestly stayed for two hours and had such a great time! 

"Ariel, listen to me, the human world it's a mess!"

The next day most of my roomies and I decided to explore one of the resorts and Disney Springs! We walked around Art of Animation and enjoyed all of the fun photo opportunities and shopped around the resort's store inside. 

"But Daddy, I love him!!"

We then headed to Disney Springs where we shopped around and checked out Abby's work location. We also had a late lunch/early dinner at Earl of Sandwich, which of course never disappoints! That night my roomies and I also had a little roommate meeting, which I highly recommend! I found that it was beneficial because it just helps to let everyone know what is expected by each individual in shared living spaces.

Friday, January 18th, most of my roommates had Traditions. So Laura and I, the only roomies not with Traditions that day, decided to go to Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, which if you do not know, is my work location!!!! It was so fun to just hang out and watch the giraffes and zebras for as long as we wanted. 


After that we went to The Mara (the quick-service I'll be working at)! The Mara is such a cute little area that sells fun lattes with latte art, zebra domes, flatbreads, and cute cupcakes! We both got lattes and got zebra domes to share, and while we were leaving I just kept feeling more and more excited to go to Traditions the following day and begin working! 

The CUTEST latte art! Can't wait to make these for guests every day! 

Zebra domes are my new favorite sweet treat!

Unfortunately that was not in the cards for me... When we sat down to enjoy our lattes I noticed I had an email, and that email explained that for some reason the government had yet to return my background check to Disney so my Traditions and all of my training would be delayed until further notice. Bummerrrrrrrrrrr. However, I didn't let the bad news get me down, and instead Laura and I rented movies from Vista Way and watched Princess and the Frog that night! 

Saturday, the day I was supposed to have Traditions (RIP), I decided to relax by the pool because it was a beautiful day and was 77 degrees out! I ended up laying by the pool for four hours and may or may not have got a sunburn... Later that afternoon my roommates Grace and Laura went with me to Cast Connection where we shopped a little!

Sunday, January 20th, was a super fun morning because Grace and I woke up bright and early, picked up some friends, and had breakfast at Trattoria al Forno! If you didn't know, the Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast is a character breakfast with Ariel, Prince Eric, Rapunzel, and Flynn Rider! It was such a fun experience! 

Yummy pastries served to us in a frying pan! So cute!

Ariel was so happy to visit us on her human legs!

We told Flynn and little chameleon shared with us that he was keeping a special tiara in his satchel, and we may have gotten a sneak peak! 

We also took our time afterwards and took some fun photos in front of the pretty walls around The Boardwalk. 

The Boardwalk is my happy place.

My sweet roomie Grace and I!

The rest of the day I relaxed at the apartment and hung out with Grace, but later that night we tried out a church service! We went to the service hosted by Mosaic at Disney Springs and enjoyed worship and a great message about Peter and his relationship with Jesus. 

And that's a wrap on week one of my Disney College Program! I have yet to hear back about my background check and when I can do Traditions, but I'm praying it will be sometime soon! My 21st birthday is also this upcoming Friday, so I am very excited and can't wait to celebrate (hopefully in the parks)!! That's all for now!

See ya real soon!

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