Sunday, March 10, 2019

Disney College Program: Two Month Update

Hey there Mouseketeers!

So surprise, surprise, I haven't really been the best at updating my blog... haha what's new?! I've been on my DCP journey for about two months now and I thought I would give a little update on how it has gone so far! And let me tell you, this program has been a wild one!

The month of January was an exciting one... It consisted of my arrival and move-in day, starting my role as a Walt Disney World Cast Member, and my 21st birthday! If you remember from my last blogpost, I mentioned that my Traditions class got delayed due to my background check not being returned by the government. Well turns out, I wasn't the only one, and luckily enough about four days later I got to go through with the class and officially start training for my job! 

New ears from the Boss Man himself!

Officially official!!

Training was fun and intimidating at times, especially because I had no prior experience to working in the food industry, but I caught on quickly and learned the ins and outs of my location in no time. I've made AMAZING friends at my work location, which makes the not very fun job way better! My fellow Cast Members are what keeps the magic alive for me at work, and for that I am so so thankful. 

My sweet work friends.

As far as my 21st birthday went, it was honestly the best birthday I could have asked for! I was incredibly nervous coming into the program being away from all my family and important friends for such a significant milestone, but my sweet roommates made the day everything I could have hoped for and more! 

They decorated our apartment with streamers, a banner, and balloons and even bought me thoughtful gifts after knowing me for literally a handful of days! We spent the day at my two favorite parks and had the most amazing time! 

Spent the morning rope-dropping Animal Kingdom with Abby and Laura before they had to work!

Ended the day with Grace at Epcot after her shift!

My first legal drink was a Glitter Ale!

These girls have seriously become my little family here at Walt Disney World, but more on these great gals later!

February followed with a touch of homesickness... It was hard, but a lot of phone calls home and texts/Facetimes with my besties back in Aubs really did help! And honestly, I still have days where I crave the familiarity of home and my people there but the good outweighs the bad here always! 

Sending love letters home to the people that I miss oh, so much!

The month of February also consisted of lots of Valentine's Day fun, reservations, quick park trips, and new friends!

Abby and I participated in a Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt at our complex and won some fun little prizes!

We decided to be crazy and go to Magic Kingdom for one hour on VALENTINE'S DAY! So crazy busy in the park!

Breakfast at the Grand Floridian Cafe with Abby and some friends of mine from work.

Dinner at Boma with Abby and Grace.

A day spent at DAK with Abby and Grace!

Bubble Buzz fun at Hollywood Studios!

And meeting the real Buzz Lightyear with my friend Courtney!

Flew to Neverland with a Wendy Bird!

Dreamy golden hour spent at Magic Kingdom.

As you can see my DCP has been such a great experience so far, but it has definitely had it's ups and downs. But the next couple of weeks are sure to be amazing because my best friend from home and her husband are visiting this weekend, and my family is visiting the following week! I am so incredibly excited to spend time with all of them! Words don't describe how much I've missed them.

Until my next update,

See ya real soon!
The Messy Typewriter

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