Friday, January 10, 2020

How To Make A Vision Board

Take one minute to visualize the life you would like to have lived by the end of this year. Are you graduating college? Is there somewhere you would love to travel to? Do you want to embark on a new career path? Do you want to be more active? 

What ever it may be, I believe that visualizing your hopes and dreams and having the ability to remind yourself every day of what those things are is incredibly useful. I may not 100% buy into the idea of manifesting your own destiny, but I do believe that positive thoughts = positive outcomes and that remaining focused on your goals will make them more achievable! This is why I started creating my own vision board a few years ago, and why in this post I am sharing with you what that process looks like. 

Step 1: Visualize your goals! 
That little exercise we did at the beginning of the post? That's it! Write everything that you can think of down. It doesn't have to be tangible goals only either. It can be something as simple as wanting your future to be bright and colorful, or maybe magical! Anything you want to see in your future, write it down. 

This is what my list looked like when I began thinking about what I wanted the next year of my life to look like. 

Step 2: Visit Pinterest and pin the things that inspire you or align with the things you wrote down!
This can include quotes, photos of places you want to visit, inspiring phrases, and sketches that you resonate with. I pinned a sketch of colorful macaroons just because they made me happy, and a sketch of different plants because I want to grow personally within the next year! If you want to follow me on Pinterest and see some of the things I pinned for my vision board, you can click the link to the right of this blogpost!

Step 3: Print out images you pinned on Pinterest and personal photographs. 
I hadn't had photos printed in a long time, so over Christmas break I printed a ton of photos from the last year or so. One of my goals is to be more trusting in my relationships, so I included photos of family and friends on my vision board.
I just went to a CVS and printed my photos out, but there are plenty of places that provide the same service! As far as printing the images you pinned on Pinterest goes, I copy and paste all of them on to a Word document and size them the way I would like. From there I either print it at home in a printer that has color ink, or load the document onto a USB drive and have it printed at Office Depot. Office Depot also has tons of paper options, so if you're wanting it on a thicker card stock paper, they can do that there!

Step 4: Buy supplies to customize and decorate.
Of course you are going to need some sort of board to put all of this on! I personally love using cork boards because they have multiple uses and come in lots of different sizes. I'll link the one I bought from Walmart here. But I also think these little cork squares from Walmart would be cute too! 

To decorate, I personally LOVE washi tape! I own a lot of it from using it to decorate my planner, and find that its an affordable and easy way to personalize things. I buy most of mine from stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby. 

This is an example of how I used the washi tape to make a border around some of the quotes I printed off from Pinterest. 

The same goes for buying decorative paper! Michaels and Hobby Lobby usually has a whole isle full of decorative paper with various prints and textures. I personally used an textured orange glitter, a marble print, and a sheet with gold-foiled stars.

Here I used the gold-foiled star paper as the background for this quote and attached it using a green printed washi tape from the Target Dollar Spot!

If you are using a cork board, you're also going to need thumbtacks. I have plain ones that you can buy anywhere, but my Mom gifted me a set of animal ones that she found at TJ Maxx! I linked the same ones that I have but from The Container Store here!

A buffalo thumbtack from that set of fun animal ones my Mom got me!

Step 5: Hang up your board and start placing things the way you want!
This can be a process of trial and error. If you place something on your board and then figure out you think it would look better somewhere else, move it! This is your vision board, lay things out the way that inspires you the most. At this stage you can also decide to include other things that inspire you! For example, when you first become a student at Auburn University they give you a copy of the Auburn Creed. I've held on to mine ever since the summer before my freshman year and it is truly something that has become important to me, so I included that on my board!

There is something about this little section of my vision board that just makes me so happy! Included is my little, yellow copy of the Auburn Creed that I've had throughout college.

I also included my Cast Member name tag from when I participated in the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World. 
The time I spent at Walt Disney World during my Disney College Program was such a special time in my life, and I'm also considering applying to a professional internship with the Disney Company sometime soon possibly!

A card of encouragement from a family friend, a post-it note from my parents, all of these small things mean so much to me and were important for me to put on my vision board!
Sweet post-it note my parents left for me last semester before the start of my senior year of college!

My final product! This is it ladies and gents, my 2020 vision board that hangs in my bedroom.

I truly love the process of creating a vision board and having something so specific to my goals to look at every day! I also love seeing other people's vision boards, so if you make one please share it with me!!!! You can tag me on Instagram or share it in the comment of this blogpost. Also if you ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out! Hope you enjoyed this post and do some envisioning of your own!

The Messy Typewriter

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